Why Should I Care About Private Music Lessons for My Child?

Every parent wants to put their child in the best position to succeed. In music, this means including private music lessons into your child’s practice and learning. There are many differences between group and 1-on-1 classes that can help expand abilities quickly and lead to better instrument mastery. Here are the top three reasons private music lessons are beneficial for your child learning to play an instrument.


That’s right, the privacy of a 1-on-1 lesson is extremely beneficial to your child’s learning. The instructor is without distraction and can watch and listen to your child carefully, picking up on every trouble spot. This allows the instructor to fine tune the lessons to improve your child’s playing.

The privacy of 1-on-1 instruction also allows the instructor more time to delve into music theory and help improve additional abilities like sight reading. This can lead to opportunities for composing music—a skill not often taught in group classes.

In group lessons, kids perform drills or repeat sections of music to practice a particular fingering or breathing technique. Since the class can only move on once each student has learned the skill, your quick learner may progress more slowly through the curriculum. On the other hand, instructors may need to move forward with the class before your child has truly mastered the technique or skill.

Private lessons allow for a personalized pacing to learning. More lesson time may be spent on practicing a certain trouble section and the parts your child plays well may only be reviewed a couple of times. Your child is in full control of the pacing of their lessons and the advancement of their overall progress toward mastery.

Not only does your child control the pacing of the lessons, they also control the curriculum. Practice time during lessons is spent on the exact things your child needs to work on. They will also receive a personal lesson plan for at-home practice that further enhances their skills and works directly on their trouble spots.

Private lessons also motivate students to practice at home more. Why? Because there is no hiding their lack of progress in the group. Being the only person at a private lesson puts them “on the spot.” Instructors act as accountability partners, encouraging your child to improve through regular practice.
Private lessons have many benefits, but it is true that some kids thrive better in group settings. Children who are extremely social or who thrive on the friendly competition between peers are well suited for group lessons.

However, to truly advance musical ability, private lessons are invaluable. If your child is just starting out or perhaps has been in a group setting for a while now, it’s time for private music lessons. Call the Powell Music Academy today to schedule your child’s first lesson or use our handy online registration for booking. See you soon!

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