April 2015 Newsletter

Students In The Spotlight

Maddie Stroyls                   Elizabeth Lily                           Anja Racke

Even Pfeifer                        Evan Bennett                           Ariel Fisher

Lucas Atha                          Alyssa Idzkowski                    Kyra Vazquez

Alex Garcia                         Nikki Branderhorst               Madison Ham

Karly Im                                 Anja Rache                            Donya Rahim

Congratulations to all of these students!
They will be figuratively breaking a leg in the
Olentangy Liberty production of Beauty And The Beast.

We also wanted to give a BIG shout out to Emily Ziliak! She is a student with Crystal and sang the National Anthem
at the Schottenstein Center for the Ohio High School State
Basketball Championships!


Each Spring we often get asked these questions:

Q. “How do lessons work in the summer?”

A. The Academy is open year round, and we do not close during the summer.

Q. “Do a lot of students quit during the summer?”

A. For the past 3 years, we have grown in enrollment each June by at least 5%. Some students withdrawal but we get a huge influx of students in May & June and many continue into the Fall. We enrolled over 20 new students in May of 2014 alone and we are planning on significantly more this May/June.

Q. “How full is my teacher’s schedule?”

A. The majority of our teachers that have been here for any length of time are nearly booked solid from 3-8pm during the week. If you want to see how full your teacher is you can check their availability on the backside of this newsletter.

Q. “If we withdraw for summer, can we keep our spot for Fall?”

A. Lessons are first come first serve, so if you withdraw for the summer, we cannot guarantee that we will have a spot for you in the Fall as we will open the time slot to new students.

The big question for all parents and students to consider is:
Do you want to stay with the same teacher in the Fall?
If the answer is YES there are 2 ways to do this:

1. Take advantage of our summer make up lessons

We realize that some of you will go on vacation for a portion of the summer, which is why we are offering 4 summer make up lessons. This allows you to make up 4 lessons over the summer and keep your teacher and current timeslot. (does not apply to in-home lessons)

It’s very easy to do:

Let the front office know of the dates that you will be missing and schedule your make ups. We can even schedule make up lessons ahead of time before you miss your classes!

2. Sub lease your spot to a family or friend.

You can send a family member or friend in your place for the dates you will miss. Just let the office know who is coming in your place and when. Make sure that they reimburse you directly for the lessons.

If you are taking summer lessons and need a specific time for Fall, please contact us around late July and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Each September, we get calls for students who have been with us for years, but withdrew for the summer. They want to return to the same teacher, day and time, but the spot has been filled by another student.

If you LOVE your teacher, keep your spot by using the summer make ups or sublease your spot.

 Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in March!

Daniela F.
Kyra V.
Jim M.
Sophia H.
Matthew X.
Lynn P.
Lyla Y.
Kyle Z.
Jacob R.
Johnny R.
Emma P.
Zijun D.

December 2014 Newsletter

Student of The Month: Olivia Johnson

Olivia has been enjoying a very successful school year.  She has been awarded solos in choir, a lead in the Winter play, and will participate in the OMEA solo and ensemble contest in January.  We sat down with Olivia to ask her some questions and here is what she had to share:

1) What instruments do you play?
– “Just singing!”

2) How long have you taken lessons?
– “A little bit over a year.”

3) Who is your favorite musical artist?
– “Anything Disney is awesome!”

4) Favorite Food?
– “Pizza”

5) What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
– “Hearing my voice become healthier and learning to open up more.”

6) Do you have any upcoming performances?
– “I have three  school choir events in December and my PAOM recital!”

Mark your calendar for our December Recitals!

December Recital
Date: Saturday December 20th from 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Location: Powell Academy of Music, 4012 Presidential Parkway Powell, OH 43065

Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in November!

Landry D.
Chad R.
Camille D.
Mariel T.
Lee N.
Sarah J.
Hersh G.
Brooke F.
Ace B.
Eunji C.
Ellie D.
Janet P.
Jason K.