March/April 2017 Newsletter









This month’s spotlight is on long time Academy student Randy Findell. Randy is an amazing young musician and producer. We are so proud of all of the work and time he puts in and apparently we are not the only ones impressed with his music. Randy got his 1st record deal and one of his songs was released on a compilation album of up and coming artist titled Rising Tides 005!!!

Randy on developing the style of his music:
“The way i got into this kind of stuff was listening to a lot of electronic music and going down the rabbit hole of experimentation. Getting inspiration from many small artists making similar music on the internet. I’ve been producing for 4 years, and in that time what i have wanted to make has changed drastically, although i’ve always wanted to sing because i think that without vocals, my music would have virtually appeal to an outside listener, and I like singing. I really like making stuff that uses foley, sounds recorded from the real world, because it activates memory of experiences with those objects, and it sounds more human, i like using smooth synthesizers with slow vibrato to make them sound intentionally awed, and I have a lot of other little tendencies that make up my style. And that’s basically it, it’s just an incredibly fun thing for me because it helps me build an identity and make people feel things that come from my mind.”

From all of us here at the Academy, congratulations and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


celebrating student achievement



Student of the Month – Amanda Jones

Q: What instruments do you play?
A: Voice and Guitar
Q: How long have you taken lessons?
A: About 2 years.
Q: Who are your favorite musical artists?
A: My fellow choir members.
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Pasta
Q: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: Breath support
 Q: Have you had any recent performances?
A: Yes, March 11th, 2017

A parents role in the beginning:
The most critical time in any music student’s journey is at the very beginning. This is when students need the most support and encouragement from parents. Often at this stage the music is simple enough that parents are able to quickly understand and help their children with their assignments, even if they have never had any musical experience themselves. It is a great idea to sit with your child while they practice at the beginning to ensure that they are doing their assignments correctly.  This extra support in the beginning will help develop good practice habits and will pay dividends later on. After several weeks students can begin to practice more on their own and won’t require as much help from parents.

Young Children:

For very young children, ages 3 and 4 years old, parental involvement is a must. Parents need to be involved with just about every practice session at this age. There are always exceptions, but as of writing this, I have never met a 4 year old that could effectively practice on their own.

School Aged Children:

Elementary aged children typically need a parent to sit in at the beginning and help them learn how to practice effectively. Over time parents can back off and let them practice more on their own. Students always do better when parents are more involved, but sometimes it just isn’t realistic for parents to always help their children practice. I teach music for a living and even I don’t always have time to sit in with my kids to help them practice. Sometimes dinner has to be made, work comes up, or the playoffs are on tv. I equate it to doing school homework. 1st graders most likely need a lot of help and follow up but over time they get it down. A 5th grader might only need sporadic help.


Teenagers are more than capable of practicing on their own. Often by the time students are in their teenage years, the music they are learning is far too advanced for parents to be able to help them much anyway. (unless the parent has had some musical training) The best thing parents can do for their teenagers is show an interest in what they are learning. Encouragement and support go a long way (even if they don’t outwardly appreciate it).  Having a weekly concert or even just dropping in on their practicing once in a while, are great ways to show them that you are interested in what they are learning.

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in February and March!

Jacob T.

Caroline K.

Will P.

Sophia A.

Pranav M.

Aman M.

Marla T.

Candy M.

Ankita S.

Madison P

Hiya A.

Mohit A.

Lauren R.

Lila A.

Madiyne S.

Avas B.

Katia B.

Ishani D.

Aarix T.

Sanika B.

Grace N.

Caleb S.

Eiliyah A.

Virgil T.

Katherine L.

Shaun V.

Megan U.

Lewis P.

Luke H.

Colesen A.

Everett C.

Daniel G.

Nicholas G.

Lizzy S.

Barbara S.

Chloe E.

Rhyan R.

Lizzy S.

Saanvi S.

Caroline K.

Mouli S.

Lindsay F.

Elie N.

Anna W.

Lyla N.

Louis D.

Kardan B.

Nasir B.

Sydney M.

Lauren D.


February 2017 Newsletter








Music Lessons Royal Conservatory Powell

We have heard more and more great news about all of the amazing things our students are accomplishing! This month we would like to shine the spotlight on Shrrayash Srinivasan. Shrrayash started lessons at the Academy almost 3 years ago and has dedicated his lessons to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. This program is recognized around the world as one of the most preeminent music education systems.

Last year, Shrrayash received the highest exam scores for level Preparatory A in the entire state of Ohio! He has been awarded with The Music Development Program Center Certificate of Excellence. In addition he will receive a medal for this amazing achievement.

Shrrayash will continue to pursue his studies in the Royal Conservatory of Music. This summer he will complete an examination for level Preparatory B.

We can’t wait to see more outstanding accomplishments from this young student! Congratulations, Shrrayash!


Student of the Month – Sabah Ahmed

Q: What instruments do you play?
A: Piano
Q: How long have you taken lessons?
A: About 4 years
Q: Who are your favorite musical artists?
A: Mozart and Beethoven
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: PizzaQ: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: Everything


Eventually all music students want to quit or take a break from playing. It is a perfectly normal part of learning an instrument. Most of them quit citing “lost interest” as the main reason.
The problem with letting students quit music when they get bored is that they will always get bored and quit. Often after just a year or two of lessons. The world is littered with adults who wished that their parents wouldn’t have let them quit music when they were a kid.
The story usually goes a bit like this. Little Johnny or Suzie gets a guitar or violin and literally can not wait to get the instrument out of the case. They leave their 1st music lesson full of excitement and to their parents surprise they practice completely on their own or with very little reminding. At first progress comes very quickly. Students start out not even knowing how to hold the instrument properly but within a few months they begin playing songs they recognize. Music is FUN!
Things go smoothly for awhile and maybe they even do a recital or two, making their parents proud. Then little by little the music starts to get more complicated, and the newness wears off. All of a sudden their is pushback when it’s time to practice. Parents start to think that maybe music “just isn’t their kids thing” or “I don’t want to force my child to do something they don’t like”, but this is exactly where we need to push children. We want them to succeed despite themselves.
Nine out of ten times if a student keeps going and is made to practice regularly their interest will return. They will get past the temporary boredom and getting them to practice will become much easier. The key is to keep them progressing. For those that quit though, the vast majority never pick it up again. In conclusion, it’s not always easy or fun but keep them playing and 20 years from now they won’t have to say “I wish I wouldn’t have quit”.

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in January!

Roman J.
Rachel S.
Nikhil S.
Zara B.
Michelle P.
Vihaan B.
Sammi B.
Milena W.
Yvonne S.
Emily C.
Kimaya C.
Andrew D.
Reya K.
Jared B.
Frankie Z.
Gigi Z.
Aubrey D.
Brendan L.
Paige H.
Leslie A.
Qasim B.
Steve W.
Sindhu S.
David L.
Alan R.
Angel R.
Sylvia J.
Lale K.
Noah M.
Alex M.
Lily F.
Sandeep P.
Addison F.
Anabel K.
Emily V.
Gabriella K.
Nikhil S.
Regan M.
Thomas M.
Paige M.
Jonathan O.
Trevor M.
Landon W.
Emily P.
Grayson W.
Melanie B.
Jackson B.
Gigi M.
Donovan V.
Emily S.
William W.
Chelsea C.
Kristy K.
Tj Y.
Paige H.
Aadi J.
Som P.
Brian B.
Corrin J.
Owen S.
Jill B.
Elle S.
Sasha S.
Penny K.
Zach K.
Henry M.
Eiliyah A.

January 2017 Newsletter


2016 Winter Recital at the Powell Academy of Music

We want to give another big round of applause to all of the students that participated in last month’s Winter Recital! Everyone did a fantastic job up on stage. We know how much courage it takes to get up there and are so proud of everyone for participating. It’s amazing to see what hard work and determination can create.
We had record turn out this year and we look forward to having even more students participate next time. We have some big news and exciting changes coming about our future recitals, so stay tuned!!!

Student of the Month – Gabrielle Moore

Q: What instruments do you play?
A: I play violin and flute. I also sing.
Q: How long have you taken lessons?
A: Violin for 2 years and voice for 8 months.
Q: Who are your favorite musical artists?
A: J.S. Bach and Carrie Underwood
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Reeses
Q: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: Raising my soft palate when I’m singing, and less aggressive bowing.
Q: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: I have learned a lot about the way I breathe and how to better my breathing while singing
Q: Do you have any performances coming up?
A: Yes, on December 17th through the Powell Academy of Music


That One Kid
In most elementary schools, once a week the class room teachers shuttle the 30 or so students off to general music class. Once the kids get there, they learn singing, maybe a little piano or how to make irritating shrieks on something called a recorder. The vast majority of these children spend their time trying to eek out “Hot Cross Buns” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, but there is always that one kid.

Everyone remembers the the kids that was putting the finishing touches on the third movement of a Beethoven Sonata, while the rest of us were struggling to learn “Jingle Bells”. That kid would play at the talent shows and wow all of the parents. They would say things like:
“she is so talented”
“he has a gift”
“she is really special”
“he was born to play music”
People attribute all kinds of skills and successes to innate talent, but they are wrong!

The Truth About Talent

Somewhere along the way pop culture lead us astray. We watched movies and saw news stories about child prodigies. We heard about Mozart composing symphonies at 8 years old, heck even Taylor Swift wrote her first album at 15. (For the non-Swifties out there that album sold 6 million copies!!!). We saw all of these amazing feats and thought, wow they must be wired differently than the rest of us. “They just have so much more talent”.

The real truth though is that they just practiced more than everyone else. Mozart’s father forced him to practice 6-8 hours a day, every day, from the time he was a toddler. Swift routinely practiced song craft 4-5 hours a day. It’s no surprise that they became so accomplished. By the time they were 10 they had practiced more hours than most musicians do in their entire lifetime!
What we should really be saying when we see a great musician is:
“she is so driven”
“he has an amazing work ethic”
“she is really disciplined”
“he has a lot of grit”
My hope is that students learn to associate hard work, determination, grit and self-discipline with success. When students understand that their progress is directly related to their practice, it helps them to take ownership of their development.

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in December!

Angela W.
Anna W.
Neal N.
Ishani D.
Joel O.
Rita C.
Tito P.
Ava B.
David B.
Dona V.
Rishi A.

Mackenzy F.
Amanda G.
Corrin J.
Rose M.
Anvita M.
Kezia B.
Denith K.
Keya B.
Hee Jung K.
Sophie C.

William W.
Shreya S.
Remy G.
Ian K.
Jackson R.
Kyle C.
Abhinav B.
Amanda G.
Henry M.

Jared B.

December 2016 Newsletter

Jeremy Hardjono Music student at the Powell Academy of Music.

Student Spotlight:

Nothing makes us happier than to hear about our students’ success. Looking back over this year, we have gotten a ton of emails and calls about some of the amazing things our students have done. For this month we had to do a spotlight on PAOM student Jeremy Hardjono. He has accomplished so much recently that we don’t even have room to list it all out. Here is just a sample of what he has done in the last 12 months.
  • December 2015: Lead soloist CSO Holiday Pops
  • January: Played Amahl in Amahl and the Night Visitors with Opera Project Columbus
  • February: La Boheme with the Columbus Opera
  • March:  Soloist with Columbus Symphony Orchestra Production of “Elijah” by Mendelssohn.
  • May: Sang a solo in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • June: Sang a solo in Sydney Australia
  • August: Played Grasshopper in Catco’s production of James and the Giant Peach.
We are all super proud of you Jeremy keep up the great work!

Children's Choir

Children’s Choir Performance

Our Children’s Choir recently had a performance at the Mill Run Nursing home. Students had a lot of FUN performing songs for the elderly during their dinner, as well as going to different wings of the facility to sing for bedridden patients.  It was a great experience and everyone is looking forward to the December Recital!!!
“Seeing the smiles on the faces of the people living there brought joy to my heart!”
– Jillian C.“It was fun because it made people’s day. We got to sing and have fun, but we were also doing something kind.”
– Claire C.


Student of the Month – Sophie Vince

Q: What instruments do you play?
A: I play piano and take voice lessons for singing
Q: How long have you taken lessons?
A: I have been taking lessons for the past year or so
Q: Who are your favorite musical artists?
A: My favorite musical artists are Cage the Elephant and Oh Wonder
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I love Mexican food!
Q: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: I have learned a lot about the way I breathe and how to better my breathing while singing
Q: Do you have any performances coming up?
A: Yes, on December 17th through the Powell Academy of Music


Music Student Sophie Vince

Practice, Practice, Practice

How much should my child practice?


Younger Children:
For children ages four to seven, shorter practice sessions work best. With younger children the focus with their practice should be on the quality and not necessarily on the quantity. Often what works better than a set time limit is using the repetition method. Instead of asking your child to practice for 10 to 15 minutes ask them to play their song 5 times.
Tip: Make tracking repetitions fun. Get two small bowls and fill one with 5 marbles. Then every time your little musician plays their song they can move one marble to the other bowl. Not only does it help young children conceptualize what they need to do to complete their practice they will get an extra sense of accomplishment when all of the marbles are moved over to the 2nd bowl.
Children 8 to 12 Years Old:
Once children reach this age they are capable of focusing for a longer period of time and should make the transition from repetition to a set time limit. We recommend setting up a regular practice schedule and trying to get between 75 and 100 minutes of practice each week. We have found that students who consistently practice about 100 minutes a week
do very well. It is often best to do four 25 minutes sessions or five 20 minute sessions if your schedule permits it. While 100
minutes is ideal, students can still make progress practicing 50-60 minutes per week, however they tend to move a bit slower than those who consistently hit the 75-100 minute mark.
Tip Set up some kind of reward system for every time your child hits their practice goal for the week. You can create your own system or use our 100 minute practice club forms.(they were designed for exactly this purpose)
Teenagers can continue to do very well practicing about 100 minutes each week. Advanced students playing very sophisticated repertoire, may need additional time. For the serious student, we recommend 45 minutes per day.

From The Director:
Chad Ebert



Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in October & November!


Tito P.
Ian K.
Kyle C.
Abhinav B.
Alex F.
Beverly S.
Victoria R.
Megan Z.
Anna B.
Sophia C.
Beverly S.
Yijia C.
Sophie C.
Jackson D.
Pauline Y.
Shreya S.
Ari R.
John T.
Shuthi S.
Marcus B.
Lewis P.
Mackenzy S.
Jackson B.
Virgil T.
Sheznat H.
Candy B.
Wilson G.
Natalie S.
Stella C.
Harshita R.
Lj D.
Clara K.

Charlie W.
Trinnity F.
Joe S.
Ainsley M.
Aamir S.
Oliver H.
Makenna K.
Omkar M.
Alvin A.
Claire W.
Steven D.
Diana B.
Jennifer S.
Preschecca R.
Sarah C.
Rohan H.
Natalie K.

September 2016 Newsletter

Academy students visit PAOM instructor Tim Davis and tour wicked backstage!!!

Piano instructor, Tim Davis, is regularlly called to play in traveling Broadway shows when they visit Columbus. Tim recently played piano for the production of Wicked at the Ohio Theatre. He invited many of his students  and our faculty members out to see the show and tour the orchestral pit. It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved and we want to say thank you to the Wicked Cast/Crew and to Tim Davis.

unnamed  pit-wicked  Music students see Wicked at the Ohio Theatre

Competition, Testing & Auditions

A guide for those who want to go beyond weekly music lessons

For many of our students, their weekly lesson is more than enough to keep them engaged and having fun with music. However, for those who do want to go further there are a number of different programs and options available. We’ve created a cheat sheet, or readers digest version, of the most popular programs and options.

The Musical Ladder System: We offer this program completely free to all of our students. Every three months students pass a short test to earn wristbands and trophies. It is a great way to encourage students to practice and is a lot of fun! The Musical Ladder System is very low pressure and doesn’t require a huge time commitment on top of regular practicing.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Commitment: Low

Solo & Ensemble:  Every year the Ohio Music Education Associtation puts on an event called Solo & Ensemble. Students typically prepare a piece of music. Then they are graded by an OMEA judge and given notes on how to improve their playing. Solo & Ensemble is a great opportunity for all students and doesn’t require the time commitments that Guild and RCM do.
Difficulty: Moderate
Time Commitment: Moderate


National Piano Guild: Guild is a program run by the American College of Musicians. It requires students to take lessons with a member of the ACM and register for their yearly testing. Once a year, students will perform for a judge at one of the local testing centers and get graded on their performance. The yearly testing does require a lot of preperation and is best for very dedicated students.
Difficulty: MODERATE
Time Commitment: HIGH


Royal Conservatory of Music: RCM is a teaching method that requires passing examinations to advance to the next level of difficulty. Students must purchase the books and materials and work with an instructor that is familiar with the program. Testing is done at one of the Royal Conservatory testing centers in Columbus.  It is a great program for highly motivated students.
Difficulty: MODERATE
Time Commitment: Moderately HIGH


MTNA Competitions: The Music Teachers National Association holds annual competitions for performance and composition. Winners from the district level will go on to compete at the state level and finally the national level. MTNA events can be very competitive and is best left highly dedicated students.
Difficulty: HIGH
Time Commitment: HIGH


If you are looking for advice on which program might be the best for you email

We welcome all of the new faculty members to the academy!

We have been growing and growing and would like to welcome all of the new faculty members that joined our school in August.

– Tristan L’Heureux, Voilin & Viola
– Helen Cates – Violin, Viola & Piano
– Zach Koors – Drums & Piano
– JeanMarie Strawbridge – Piano


Student of the Month – Shrrayash Srinivasan

Q: What instruments do you play?
A:  I play drums, xylophone, and piano

Q: How long have you taken lessons?
A: I have been taking my lessons for 4 years and passed my Royal Conservatory exam with honors

Q: Who are your favorite musical artists?
A: My favorite artists are Dmitiri Kabalalevsky, Daniel Gottlob Turk, Nancy and Randy Faber, Dennis Alexander, nad Marta Mier

Q:What is your favorite food?
A: My favorite foods are Indian, Mexican, and Italian foods

Q: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: The coolest thing I learned was about hte A Natural Minor Triads

Q: Do you have any performances coming up?
A: I will be taking my next level piano exam



Confidence & Creativity


Benefits of Music Education – Part 1
We see music as a critical part of the education that every child needs to be successful in life. Many of the benefits of learning music are very well known. Study after study has shown that children who study music have higher grades, improved memory, better SAT scores, improved spatial skills and much more.

What often goes unnoticed are the two benefits that I feel are the most important: Confidence & Creativity.

Confidence is Built, Not Given
I am of the belief that real confidence, the kind that improves self-esteem, is built through acheviement.

For kids growing up today, their world is filled with video games, instant gratification and awards just for showing up. We feel that it is more important now than ever before for children to learn to be successful at things that require effort.

No amount of praise can ever replace the satisfaction or confidence boost that students get from mastering a difficult piece of music. Often after weeks or months of hard work.

It is the culmination of these small successes that can really boost a child’s confidence in themself.

To Be Continued…
Tune in next month to read about how we try to foster creativity in children through our music instruction!!!

From The Director:
Chad Ebert


Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in August!
Riley M.
Hayden M.
Sophia K.
Brooke F.
Sophie H.
Mike K.
Serenitee M.
Noelle M.
Oviya K.
Shubh K
Faith C.
Grace C.
Sarah R.
Kevin L.
Connor M.
Carsyn C.
Jeremy H.
Sammy H.
Joanna S.
Dmitri S.
Charlie G.
Allegra A.
Arjun A.
Nina M.
Annika M.
Duaa K.
Erineea K.
Selen O.
Mira B.
Aadi J.
Theo W.
Matthew G.
Rami T.
Corina S.
Jackson C.
Corina S.
Sagar P.
Samanyu D.
Vineet A.
Maria W.
Sreeja K.
Shefali K.
Emmaline B.
Addison R.
Claire C.
Christopher B.
Lilly R.
Calvin D.
Maren F.
Divya P.

August 2016 Newsletter

Musical Ladder System, A Success!!!

We are now several months into implementing the Music Ladder System and the feedback from everyone has been incredible. Students
are loving the tests and those that have
gotten to the trophy levels have been really excited to get their award!

The Musical Ladder System isn’t only for the benefit of our students and parents, it is also
for our teachers. Our faculty has been really
excited about how much their students are practicing for upcoming tests. Not only are
students practicing more, they are also working
on theory and fundamentals (things that are typically difficult to get students to work on). We are very excited to be using this program and seeing all of the benefits of it.


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.34.51 PM 13533157_1240040096020206_7333616166758788363_n

Thank you to everyone that
participated in the Academy
Photoshoot with Nick Fancher!

We recently had world-renowned photographer
Nick Fancher come to the Academy to do a photoshoot
with our students. Nick has worked with many big name
companies, including ESPN, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Bath & Body Works and more, so it was a ton of fun to work with a photographer of his talent level. The photos turned out great!


20160514_025 Music lessons - Powell Academy of Music Voice Lessons Powell, Dublin and Columbus Ohio Powell Ohio Music Lessons for Kids

Flute Lessons at the Powell Academy of Music


Back to School Tips:

For both parents and kids alike, the back to school
season can be a stressful time. With all of the new
activities and routines it can take some preparation
to create a smooth transition.


Lock down your schedule.
Most kids respond well to consistent schedules, so use a calendar to ensure everyone knows what activities are expected each day. This includes both lessons and practice times! The Academy has some great tools to help parents set up and organize
their child’s practicing, so if you are not already
using the Musical Ladder System or the 100-minute practice club, be sure to talk to your instructor
about them.

Make sure your instrument
is in good working condition.
The end of the Summer is a great time to get
the piano tuned, fix those leaky pads or get new strings for your guitar. Making sure instruments
are in good working condition can make a big
difference in your student’s progress.

Befriend your child’s music teacher.
If you are starting music lessons for the first time it
is a great idea to sit in your child’s first couple of
lessons to help ease any anxiety they might have. Our teachers welcome parents and we always have an open door policy for parents to sit in on lessons.

Make the lessons FUN!!!
The best way to make music lessons more fun is
to learn music that is interesting. We recommend making of list of your favorite music and giving it
to your music teacher. While some songs maybe too
advanced, often teachers can find easier versions or create arrangements that students can play.


Treble In Paradise

We’ve been getting a lot of inquires from students about how the Academy volleyball team “Treble in
Paradise” is doing in our tournament next door at the Lazy Chameleon, so we thought we would put an
update in the newsletter. Unfortunately, it turns out that our faculty spent a lot more time learning Beethoven sonatas and Rachmaninov concertos growing up than they did playing sports. “Treble in Paradise” racked up
an astoundingly bad record of 0 – 28. In our defense, we did almost win one game, but eventually our lack of anything that resembled athleticism or skill did us in.
On a much brighter note, the Academy was recently acknowledged and won an award, from the largest
association of music schools in North America. We made the cut and are now going to be competing
for National Music School of the Year in 2017. Even though the final voting is still almost a year away,
we are honored to be a part of only about a dozen schools in North America that will compete for the
top prize! So while we might not be very good at sports—we are thrilled to be included with some of
the biggest and best music schools in the country!



Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in this Summer
Elizabeth K.
Saba H.
Taylor L.
Rigbe B.
Michelle P.
Sohan J.
Saanvi S.
Ali V.
Megan S.
Louise E.
Jillian F.
Lyla N.
Lindsay F.
Ainsley M.
Brooke F.
Ember D.
Braeden R.
Teagan W.
Gabrielle M.
Sean E.
Brook K.
Emma P.
Alvin A.
Marissa L.
Helen K.
Sasha S.
Caleb K.
Holden V.
Mina L.
Madden K.
Tommy D.
Leah W.
Alyssa C.
Karly I.
Blake C.
Sebastien B.
Keely D.
Simon J.
Camille D.
Arjun P.
Sneha S.
Eamont M.
Alexis M.
Tanvi S.
Bryson R.
Jaiqi S.
Riley M.
Tyler R.
Peyton P.
Sophia L.
Poppy T.
Logan B.
Leigha M.
Helena E.
Luke S.
Maira A.
Trent E.
Anna W.
Jack S.
Lindsay G.
Gus H.
Louis D.
Riley H.
Alexa Y.
Tessa Y.
Simran M.
Amelia B.
Aidan G.
Wyatt F.
Amy H.
Yadnya S.
Rohan G.
Reya G.
Tiya P.
Lauren D.
Shivan S.
Tanvi G.
Candy B.
Elise G.
Tessa Y
Alexa Y.
Sophia G.
Riley H.
Louis D.
Nancy F.
Brad S.
Ethan S.
Kaitlin M.
Avery K.
Jackson K.
Danielle L.
Amit B.
Matthew M.
Megan H.
Simon J.
Hasika R.
Tyler B.
Grace C.
Kyle B.
Samruddn K.
Anikaith K.
Sameera A.
Andi S.
Ed H.
Tiya P.

February 2016 Newsletter

Musical Ladder System

Dear students,

I hope you’re doing well and having a great year of making music with us!

Here at the Powell Academy of Music I’m always looking at ways we can improve your lesson experience and give our students more. The one thing I’ve learned as a music teacher for over 15 years is that parents want to know more about how their child is doing.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve joined up with a national music lesson award system call the Musical Ladder System® (please see the photo attached). This is a proven system that helps students get excited about music and helps keep parents informed as to how they are doing.

Similar to karate belt tests, every 3 months or so your teacher will schedule a test for you or your child. If the students passes the test they will receive one of these really cool wristbands for their level. They also get a certificate of achievement. This program has been proven for years to bring a smile to parents and students and we’re very excited about enhancing your music lesson experience.

Lastly later this year, once everyone is up to speed and has had a few tests we will be launching the Musical Ladder System® Parent/Student Portal so you can log in online and see when the next test is, recital, send notes to your teachers, review past lesson notes and more!

This will take parent communication to the next level! The best part? It’s all FREE for you our valued client.

Most karate schools charge their clients $50.00 per test. PER test! However, all of your wristbands, certificates and online account are all FREE and part of your tuition.

We’re working hard to give you more so please send us your feedback on the system, and it’s time to start climbing the Musical Ladder!

Sincerely,Chad EbertSchool Director

OMEA Solo & Ensemble All-Stars

All of these students received straight 1’s at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Event!

Evan Bennett, Ariel Fisher, Alyssa Idzkoski, Nikki Branderhorst

Not Pictured: Olivia Johnson, Anja Racke, Courtney Hull

Snow Day Procedures

Snow Day Procedures: We often get calls asking if we cancel lessons when the local schools close. The majority of the time we remain open. Typically by the time lessons start the roads have been cleared. If we do close down we will call every student and let them know abou the closing. We also send a mass email and post our closings on Facebook.

Refer Your Friends for Lessons before April 30th and YOU Could Win an


Refer your friends to the Academy and if they sign up, we’ll enter you AND your friends into our next raffle on April 30th so you and your friends both can win great prizes. We’ll also give you a $25.00 retail certificate to say thanks AND we’ll give your friend one as well!
Thank you so much for your referrals

Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in January!
Mittchell L.
Lyla Yi.
Sofia D.
Ayuto M.
Keith S.
Nicole B.
Espen E.
Kennedy E.
Arnav M.
Rithuika M.
Julia P.
Natalie L.
Evalynn H.
Emberly H.
Moorthy V.
Donnie M.
Bethany W.
Caden M.
Nancy P.
Aaditya R.
Layne H.
Justin F.
Cameron M.
Michaela K.
Joy K.
Kinaan A.
Jace K.
Johnny K.
Callum K.
Angela B.
Surabhi R.
Sophia C.
Molly C.
Rose T.
Benjamin P.
Chloe H.
Nikhita S.
Olivia B.
Megan N.
Paul S.

January 2016 Newsletter

Children’s Choir is almost full – Only two spots left!!!
Does your child love to sing. Have you ever wanted to get him or her exposure to singing classes but were not sure if they were ready for private lessons yet? Then we have the class for you. Our Children’s choir is a fun and educational experience for children ages 6-10. The choir is led by our friendly and highly qualified voice instructors. Students in the choir will learn music from a variety of genres, including: theatre, pop, children’s songs, Disney and holiday music. Students will improve their singing technique, pitch, and tone of their voice.
  • Meets 1x per week for 45 minutes
  • Boys and girls ages 6-10
  • Limited to 12 children
  • $49 per month
  • No long term contract
Sign up or get more info at the front desk!!!
 Setting Goals for Music Students

January is a great time to set goals for what you would like to get out of your music lessons and classes. We recommend setting goals where students can control the process and not just an outcome. For example setting a goal to practice for 100 minutes a week or to start learning a favorite piece of music is a great place to start, as opposed to playing a song perfectly at a recital. For more information about helping your student set goals and how to be successful with music lessons please talk with your instructor.

Bravo Recital Participants!

We’re so proud of our talented students who performed in our Winter Recital! We had over 200 students perform to a packed house in many of our sessions.

Our next round of recitals will be held in June and they are completely FREE for parents and students. We do not charge participation fees like many school in the area so make sure to take advantage of this great performance opportunity!

If you want to perform or would like for you child to perform in our June recitals, we will have more information and sign up sheets at the front desk starting in May, 2016.

Snow Day Procedures:

We often get calls asking if we cancel lessons when the local schools close. The majority of the time we remain open. Typically by the time lessons start the roads have been cleared. If we do close down we will call every student and let them know about the closing. We also send a mass email and post our closings on Facebook.

Refer Your Friends for Lessons before April 30th and YOU Could Win anAPPLE WATCH

Refer your friends to the Academy and if they sign up, we’ll enter you AND your friends into our next raffle on April 30th so you and your friends both can win great prizes. We’ll also give you a $25.00 retail certificate to say thanks AND we’ll give your friend one as well!
Thank you so much for your referrals

Welcome all the new students who signed up or added time in December!

Please welcome the NEW students

Mike K.

Lillian S.

Julia S.

Stella A.

Jeremy A.

Summer I.

Delaney C.

Camile D.

Ian D.

Sabrina R.

Mickey T.

Mira B.

Vincent-James Y.

Grace F.

Ariel M.

Meghan C.

Camden S.

Sasha S.

Miranda E.

Chad R.

Luke M.

Rhea S.

Zoe L.

October 2015 Newsletter

Student of The Month: Morgan Grawe

1) What instruments do you play?
- “Piano and voice!”

2) How long have you taken lessons?
– “10 months”

3) Who are your favorite musical artists?
– “Jennifer Lopez!”

4) Favorite Food?

5) What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons?
- “How to play two notes at the same time!”

6) Do you have any performances coming up?
– “Not right now.”

Students In The Spotlight!

Ali VanZweiten will be performing as bot ha singer and the main vocal percussionist for Olentangy Liberty High School’s A Cappella group, “The Alternoteives”

We also wanted to give a BIG shoutout to all of our students who will be breaking legs and taking names in their respective school musicals:
Madison Ham, Kyra Vazquez, Donya Rahim, Leah Turner, Isabelle Tonetti, Margot Nockowitz, Amber Edgar, Olivia Johnson, Ariel Fisher, Emma Pilkington, Elizabeth Lily, Evan Bennett, Karly Im, Alyssa Idzkowski, Courtney Hull, Anja Racke, Kasey Belding, Ali VanZweiten, and Emerson Santuomo.

Congrats again to everyone!

Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in July and August!

Natalie K.
Anya S.
Patrick M.
Amina G.
Isaac G.
Bethany W.
Cailin C.
Maira A.
Megan H.
Leah D.
Reya G.
Raya M.
Liam D.
Rohan G.
Ben M.
Sophia H.
Rajagopalan R.
Christopher S.
Andy R.
Marija G.
Abby D.
Elliott P.
Morgan H.
Mikey T.
Thomas T.
Sofia T.
Max G.
Lauren C.
Gabriel P.
Claire C.
Vaidehi P.
Aila M.
Mouli S.
Ava S.
Shivakumar R.
Rebekah G.
Maya S.
Inger D.
Ishani S.
Dominic C.
Jahnavi G.
Samir S.
Mitali S.
Dylan P.
Gloria C.
Amanda J.
Levi R.
Sophia R.
Grace G.
Cole S.
Robert M.
Paige B.
Olivia B.
Joshua B.
Mukund S.
Addison L.
Rylee B.
Kaitlyn H.
Vedant R.
Lauren C.
Zoe L.
Cameron D.
Chad S.
Drew S.
Megan R.
Hope R.
Savannah T.
Jack Z.
Pranathi I.
Maira A.
Sabah A.


Important Fall Information

The Academy has reached 86% capacity for Fall

With our current class time openings we are close to reaching our Fall capacity.  We are interviewing teachers and will hopefully have additional class times in the near future.

Each Fall we often get asked these questions:
Q: “When is the next recital?”
A: Our next recital is on December 19th and 20th. Each teacher will be assigned one time slot about an hour long.  We will have the list of times at the front desk starting in November.

Q: “What happens if we need to change times?”
A: We have progressively less and less times the further we get into Fall.  So, if you do need to change lesson times, now is a great time to do so before everything fills up.  If you can’t get the lesson time that you would like, don’t worry, we are always growing and adding teachers to expand our available times.

June/July 2015 Newsletter

Student of The Month: Carson Gordon

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 4.59.01 PM

1) What instruments do you play?
- “Piano”

2) How long have you taken lessons?
– “Four years in September”

3) Who are your favorite musical artists?
– “Bruno Mars”

4) Favorite Food?-
“Pizza! Or chocolate covered pretzels”

5) What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons?
- “I moved on to a harder book”

6) Do you have any performances coming up?
– “Not yet”

Congratulations To Our Review Contest Winner, Decklan McIntyre

 Decklan was the winner of our review contest! Meaning he took home the Recoring King Guitar!  We received a ton of really useful feedback from holding this review contest, which we will definitely go toward making the Powell Academy of Music the best place in Ohio for music lessons!

We want to thank everyone for entering and participating! We had a ton of fun with this contest and look forward to holding more in the future!

Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in June!

Mia S.
Ron H.
Max J.
Anikaith K.
Sameera A.
Cabrini N.
Samruddn K.
Lauren A.
Emerson S.
Robert B.
Abigail W.
Emma B.
Taylor L.
Micah M.
Micholas M.
Melissa A.
Lauren L.
Nate L.
Teagan W.
Jake R.
Jillian F.
Margot N.
Tayden W.
Collin R.
Ryan M.
Charvi T.
Gabrielle M.
Ethan H.
Alison M.
Kimaya C.
Ruchika C.
Gwenyth H.
Leah T.
Joshua G.
Jacob G.
Sohini K.
Inger D.
Sage L.
Molly G.
Alyssa C.
Brady C.
Emily V.
Kiara V.
Jeremy H.
Ben M.
Amanda J.
Diya C.
Lauren C.
Isabelle T.
Raman C.
Lawrence F.
Maggie T.
Rajan C.
Hannah S.
Jp S.