Kindermusik Classes at the Powell Academy of Music

August 2017 Newsletter

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  • Now Offering Kindermusik Classes!
  • Red Carpet Recital Photos Are In!

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We are very excited to announce that we are now offering Kindermusik classes at both our Powell and Lewis Center locations!!!. These classes are a great way for younger children (ages 0-4) to develop music fundamentals. Each class is developmentally appropriate for each age group and we have small class sizes. For more information you can check out our website where we have demo videos and summaries of each class. PAM classes are available on Mondays and LCMA classes are available on Thursdays.

Sign & Play: Ages 1-2 9:00am

Wiggle & Grow: Ages 2-3 10:00am

Cuddle & Bounce: Ages 0-1 11:00am

Laugh & Learn: Ages 3-4 1:00pm


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Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in July!!!


Lisa W.

Heather N.

Audra N.

Kevin N.

Kallen A.

Jillian F.

Nripesh U.

Thi S.

Cade B.

Ruby C.

Leena E.

Mayher B.

Andrew G.

Grace W.

Spencer P.

Victoria M.

Jaylin J.

Danielle L.

Ainsley M.

Vivian T.

Thomas T.

Sofia T.

Jennifer S.

Lindsay F.



Nicholas M.

Emme M.

Ajay S.

Kritika M.

Faith K.

Ishani S.

Kaden J.

Elle N.

Whitney L.

Brendan C.

Jordan F.

Ariana K.

Taryn C.

Randy F.

Kritika M.

Sofia H.

Sophia A.

Priscilla H.

Mason M.

Jocob E.

Fiona C.

Brendan C

Michaeli S.
Zoe H.

Piper P.

Emme M.

Delila T.

Dhrub D.

Jay V.

Madison M.

Evangeline M.

Sahara R.

Edward L.

Tahlia J.

Cora B.

Alexander T.

Tahlia J.

Luca J.

Audrey P.

Caroline P.

Ishika J.

Annaleese P.

Arianna P.

Sabrina A.

Aleksander W.

Kanaan C.

Hana T.

David A.


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