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Why Take Music Lessons?

What if I told you that there was a way to make your child smarter, more engaged in school, more creative, confident, happier, harder working and a more well-rounded and successful individuals?

What if I told you that there was one extracurricular activity that drastically outperformed sports, dance, art, drama and martial arts AND there were hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies that proved all of this to be true? Most importantly, learning it is a whole lot of fun! When it comes to choosing activities for your children, music instruction is the best thing you can do for your kids!

Music develops creativity. Children are so naturally creative when they are young. Every parent remembers the endless crayon drawings that took over the refrigerator when their kids were little, or the hours of make believe and stories.

When kids are very young, they don’t see things for what they are, they see them for what they could be. As children get older a lot of this creativity gets lost. Many child psychologists believe that we have fundamentally changed the way we educate our children to the detriment of fostering their creativity.

So often, kids spend the majority of their time in school memorizing and analyzing information. Learning to produce the “correct” answers and being punished or getting things “wrong.” This approach is great for producing high test scores in math and literacy but it hinders children’s ability to take chances and be creative.

One of the best ways to foster creativity is to nurture and develop an environment where students know it is ok to make mistakes. So much in music is subjective and there aren’t any right or wrong answers. Students are encouraged to take chances, create their own sounds, improvise and write songs. Music lessons can be a safe place where children are able to explore ideas. It’s the perfect environment for developing creativity to the fullest.


Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in May!!!


Noah N.
Brendan R.
Rowen H.
Helena E.
Bhavini G.
Evan B.
Joel B.
Lulu C.
Kennedy K.
Brian R.
Blaise B.
Keira G.
Gabbie M.
Marley A.
Furesh G.
Sripranav P.
Mia W.
Emmy A.
Olivia G.
Cameron F.

Landon H.

Benjamin G.
Zach P.
Lyla Y.
Axshaya R.

Abigail H.
Jack V.
Keegan B.
Zoey M.
Savannah C.
Samira K.
Gabriella B.
Isabella B.
Seher R.
Thomas B.
Claire W.
Ezekiel L.
Samiya M.
Robert M.
Victoria R.
Ava M.
Sofia K.
Ahnika K.
Caitlin S.
Alexis F.
Duaa K.
Tito P.
Liam R.
James G.
Amelia W.



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