5 Tips To Prepare For Your First Music Lesson

So now that you’ve found a music teacher, it’s time to get ready for the first lesson. Like all new activities and situations, it’s common for people to have some anxiety. Young children might be very shy, while older kids and teenagers might be worried about being judged or not doing well in the first class. This is all very common and with a little preparation, you can help ease those first lesson jitters.

Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your first private music lesson.

1. Get An Instrument

The very first step is to buy or rent an instrument. If you already have an instrument, make sure that it is in good working condition. Getting the piano tuned, fixing your clarinet’s leaky pads or putting new strings on your guitar can go a long way towards making your first lesson a fun and exciting experience.

Check with your teacher or local music store to see if there are any accessories that you will need in addition to your instrument, i.e. string instruments need rosin, woodwinds need reeds etc. For books and sheet music, you can wait until after your have your first lesson before buying anything. Often music teachers prefer to meet new students and assess their learning style before deciding on which method or books would work best.

2. Bring A List Of Questions

Teachers love to answer questions! Make a list of any questions ahead of time so you won’t forget them in all the excitement of the first class.

3. Befriend Your Music Teacher

Try to talk to your music teacher for a few minutes on the phone or better yet, in person if they are available before the first lesson. This is especially important for helping younger children feel comfortable at the first class.

4. Make A List Of Goals

Talk to your child about any songs or styles of music that they might want to learn. It could be anything from the Star Wars theme to an ACDC riff. Even if they won’t be able to play it right away, having a written goal will help your instructor tailor their curriculum to your child’s interests. 

5. Have Fun!!!

Most importantly, remember that music lessons are supposed to be FUN! So, try not to put unrealistic expectations on your children. No one becomes a virtuoso overnight. Embrace the process and enjoy the journey!

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