February 2017 Newsletter








Music Lessons Royal Conservatory Powell

We have heard more and more great news about all of the amazing things our students are accomplishing! This month we would like to shine the spotlight on Shrrayash Srinivasan. Shrrayash started lessons at the Academy almost 3 years ago and has dedicated his lessons to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. This program is recognized around the world as one of the most preeminent music education systems.

Last year, Shrrayash received the highest exam scores for level Preparatory A in the entire state of Ohio! He has been awarded with The Music Development Program Center Certificate of Excellence. In addition he will receive a medal for this amazing achievement.

Shrrayash will continue to pursue his studies in the Royal Conservatory of Music. This summer he will complete an examination for level Preparatory B.

We can’t wait to see more outstanding accomplishments from this young student! Congratulations, Shrrayash!


Student of the Month – Sabah Ahmed

Q: What instruments do you play?
A: Piano
Q: How long have you taken lessons?
A: About 4 years
Q: Who are your favorite musical artists?
A: Mozart and Beethoven
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: PizzaQ: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?
A: Everything


Eventually all music students want to quit or take a break from playing. It is a perfectly normal part of learning an instrument. Most of them quit citing “lost interest” as the main reason.
The problem with letting students quit music when they get bored is that they will always get bored and quit. Often after just a year or two of lessons. The world is littered with adults who wished that their parents wouldn’t have let them quit music when they were a kid.
The story usually goes a bit like this. Little Johnny or Suzie gets a guitar or violin and literally can not wait to get the instrument out of the case. They leave their 1st music lesson full of excitement and to their parents surprise they practice completely on their own or with very little reminding. At first progress comes very quickly. Students start out not even knowing how to hold the instrument properly but within a few months they begin playing songs they recognize. Music is FUN!
Things go smoothly for awhile and maybe they even do a recital or two, making their parents proud. Then little by little the music starts to get more complicated, and the newness wears off. All of a sudden their is pushback when it’s time to practice. Parents start to think that maybe music “just isn’t their kids thing” or “I don’t want to force my child to do something they don’t like”, but this is exactly where we need to push children. We want them to succeed despite themselves.
Nine out of ten times if a student keeps going and is made to practice regularly their interest will return. They will get past the temporary boredom and getting them to practice will become much easier. The key is to keep them progressing. For those that quit though, the vast majority never pick it up again. In conclusion, it’s not always easy or fun but keep them playing and 20 years from now they won’t have to say “I wish I wouldn’t have quit”.

Please welcome the NEW students who enrolled in January!

Roman J.
Rachel S.
Nikhil S.
Zara B.
Michelle P.
Vihaan B.
Sammi B.
Milena W.
Yvonne S.
Emily C.
Kimaya C.
Andrew D.
Reya K.
Jared B.
Frankie Z.
Gigi Z.
Aubrey D.
Brendan L.
Paige H.
Leslie A.
Qasim B.
Steve W.
Sindhu S.
David L.
Alan R.
Angel R.
Sylvia J.
Lale K.
Noah M.
Alex M.
Lily F.
Sandeep P.
Addison F.
Anabel K.
Emily V.
Gabriella K.
Nikhil S.
Regan M.
Thomas M.
Paige M.
Jonathan O.
Trevor M.
Landon W.
Emily P.
Grayson W.
Melanie B.
Jackson B.
Gigi M.
Donovan V.
Emily S.
William W.
Chelsea C.
Kristy K.
Tj Y.
Paige H.
Aadi J.
Som P.
Brian B.
Corrin J.
Owen S.
Jill B.
Elle S.
Sasha S.
Penny K.
Zach K.
Henry M.
Eiliyah A.