August 2016 Newsletter

Musical Ladder System, A Success!!!

We are now several months into implementing the Music Ladder System and the feedback from everyone has been incredible. Students
are loving the tests and those that have
gotten to the trophy levels have been really excited to get their award!

The Musical Ladder System isn’t only for the benefit of our students and parents, it is also
for our teachers. Our faculty has been really
excited about how much their students are practicing for upcoming tests. Not only are
students practicing more, they are also working
on theory and fundamentals (things that are typically difficult to get students to work on). We are very excited to be using this program and seeing all of the benefits of it.


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Thank you to everyone that
participated in the Academy
Photoshoot with Nick Fancher!

We recently had world-renowned photographer
Nick Fancher come to the Academy to do a photoshoot
with our students. Nick has worked with many big name
companies, including ESPN, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Bath & Body Works and more, so it was a ton of fun to work with a photographer of his talent level. The photos turned out great!


20160514_025 Music lessons - Powell Academy of Music Voice Lessons Powell, Dublin and Columbus Ohio Powell Ohio Music Lessons for Kids

Flute Lessons at the Powell Academy of Music


Back to School Tips:

For both parents and kids alike, the back to school
season can be a stressful time. With all of the new
activities and routines it can take some preparation
to create a smooth transition.


Lock down your schedule.
Most kids respond well to consistent schedules, so use a calendar to ensure everyone knows what activities are expected each day. This includes both lessons and practice times! The Academy has some great tools to help parents set up and organize
their child’s practicing, so if you are not already
using the Musical Ladder System or the 100-minute practice club, be sure to talk to your instructor
about them.

Make sure your instrument
is in good working condition.
The end of the Summer is a great time to get
the piano tuned, fix those leaky pads or get new strings for your guitar. Making sure instruments
are in good working condition can make a big
difference in your student’s progress.

Befriend your child’s music teacher.
If you are starting music lessons for the first time it
is a great idea to sit in your child’s first couple of
lessons to help ease any anxiety they might have. Our teachers welcome parents and we always have an open door policy for parents to sit in on lessons.

Make the lessons FUN!!!
The best way to make music lessons more fun is
to learn music that is interesting. We recommend making of list of your favorite music and giving it
to your music teacher. While some songs maybe too
advanced, often teachers can find easier versions or create arrangements that students can play.


Treble In Paradise

We’ve been getting a lot of inquires from students about how the Academy volleyball team “Treble in
Paradise” is doing in our tournament next door at the Lazy Chameleon, so we thought we would put an
update in the newsletter. Unfortunately, it turns out that our faculty spent a lot more time learning Beethoven sonatas and Rachmaninov concertos growing up than they did playing sports. “Treble in Paradise” racked up
an astoundingly bad record of 0 – 28. In our defense, we did almost win one game, but eventually our lack of anything that resembled athleticism or skill did us in.
On a much brighter note, the Academy was recently acknowledged and won an award, from the largest
association of music schools in North America. We made the cut and are now going to be competing
for National Music School of the Year in 2017. Even though the final voting is still almost a year away,
we are honored to be a part of only about a dozen schools in North America that will compete for the
top prize! So while we might not be very good at sports—we are thrilled to be included with some of
the biggest and best music schools in the country!



Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in this Summer
Elizabeth K.
Saba H.
Taylor L.
Rigbe B.
Michelle P.
Sohan J.
Saanvi S.
Ali V.
Megan S.
Louise E.
Jillian F.
Lyla N.
Lindsay F.
Ainsley M.
Brooke F.
Ember D.
Braeden R.
Teagan W.
Gabrielle M.
Sean E.
Brook K.
Emma P.
Alvin A.
Marissa L.
Helen K.
Sasha S.
Caleb K.
Holden V.
Mina L.
Madden K.
Tommy D.
Leah W.
Alyssa C.
Karly I.
Blake C.
Sebastien B.
Keely D.
Simon J.
Camille D.
Arjun P.
Sneha S.
Eamont M.
Alexis M.
Tanvi S.
Bryson R.
Jaiqi S.
Riley M.
Tyler R.
Peyton P.
Sophia L.
Poppy T.
Logan B.
Leigha M.
Helena E.
Luke S.
Maira A.
Trent E.
Anna W.
Jack S.
Lindsay G.
Gus H.
Louis D.
Riley H.
Alexa Y.
Tessa Y.
Simran M.
Amelia B.
Aidan G.
Wyatt F.
Amy H.
Yadnya S.
Rohan G.
Reya G.
Tiya P.
Lauren D.
Shivan S.
Tanvi G.
Candy B.
Elise G.
Tessa Y
Alexa Y.
Sophia G.
Riley H.
Louis D.
Nancy F.
Brad S.
Ethan S.
Kaitlin M.
Avery K.
Jackson K.
Danielle L.
Amit B.
Matthew M.
Megan H.
Simon J.
Hasika R.
Tyler B.
Grace C.
Kyle B.
Samruddn K.
Anikaith K.
Sameera A.
Andi S.
Ed H.
Tiya P.