February 2016 Newsletter

Musical Ladder System

Dear students,

I hope you’re doing well and having a great year of making music with us!

Here at the Powell Academy of Music I’m always looking at ways we can improve your lesson experience and give our students more. The one thing I’ve learned as a music teacher for over 15 years is that parents want to know more about how their child is doing.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve joined up with a national music lesson award system call the Musical Ladder System® (please see the photo attached). This is a proven system that helps students get excited about music and helps keep parents informed as to how they are doing.

Similar to karate belt tests, every 3 months or so your teacher will schedule a test for you or your child. If the students passes the test they will receive one of these really cool wristbands for their level. They also get a certificate of achievement. This program has been proven for years to bring a smile to parents and students and we’re very excited about enhancing your music lesson experience.

Lastly later this year, once everyone is up to speed and has had a few tests we will be launching the Musical Ladder System® Parent/Student Portal so you can log in online and see when the next test is, recital, send notes to your teachers, review past lesson notes and more!

This will take parent communication to the next level! The best part? It’s all FREE for you our valued client.

Most karate schools charge their clients $50.00 per test. PER test! However, all of your wristbands, certificates and online account are all FREE and part of your tuition.

We’re working hard to give you more so please send us your feedback on the system, and it’s time to start climbing the Musical Ladder!

Sincerely,Chad EbertSchool Director

OMEA Solo & Ensemble All-Stars

All of these students received straight 1’s at the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Event!

Evan Bennett, Ariel Fisher, Alyssa Idzkoski, Nikki Branderhorst

Not Pictured: Olivia Johnson, Anja Racke, Courtney Hull

Snow Day Procedures

Snow Day Procedures: We often get calls asking if we cancel lessons when the local schools close. The majority of the time we remain open. Typically by the time lessons start the roads have been cleared. If we do close down we will call every student and let them know abou the closing. We also send a mass email and post our closings on Facebook.

Refer Your Friends for Lessons before April 30th and YOU Could Win an


Refer your friends to the Academy and if they sign up, we’ll enter you AND your friends into our next raffle on April 30th so you and your friends both can win great prizes. We’ll also give you a $25.00 retail certificate to say thanks AND we’ll give your friend one as well!
Thank you so much for your referrals

Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in January!
Mittchell L.
Lyla Yi.
Sofia D.
Ayuto M.
Keith S.
Nicole B.
Espen E.
Kennedy E.
Arnav M.
Rithuika M.
Julia P.
Natalie L.
Evalynn H.
Emberly H.
Moorthy V.
Donnie M.
Bethany W.
Caden M.
Nancy P.
Aaditya R.
Layne H.
Justin F.
Cameron M.
Michaela K.
Joy K.
Kinaan A.
Jace K.
Johnny K.
Callum K.
Angela B.
Surabhi R.
Sophia C.
Molly C.
Rose T.
Benjamin P.
Chloe H.
Nikhita S.
Olivia B.
Megan N.
Paul S.