August/September 2015 Newsletter

Student of The Month: Maya Shurte

1) What instruments do you play?
- “Piano and voice. I want to play the trumpet too!”

2) How long have you taken lessons?
– “Started voice this year, but I’ve been taking piano for 2 years.”

3) Who are your favorite musical artists?
– “Beethoven and Mozart.”

4) Favorite Food?-
“Mac and cheese!”

5) What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons?
- “Using the pedal on the piano can make the sound really good or bad depending on how you use it!”

6) Do you have any performances coming up?
– “Not right now!”

Bryan’s Trip to Italy

This summer, Bryan had the opportunity to study music composition in Maccagno, Italy in the northern province of Varese near the Alps and Lake Maggiore.  The lake and mountains were a beautiful setting for working with faculty from the Eastman School of Music and writing a short piece for the small orchestra in residence.  During the program, he had a piece of music he had written performed in Italy for the first time.  He had a great time and learned a lot during lectures, rehearsals, and lessons with the faculty!

After the two week program, he went to Venice, Paris, and Barcelona before returning home.  To experience the cultures and great art of these three beautiful cities!

Please welcome the NEW students

who enrolled in July and August!

Natalie K.
Anya S.
Patrick M.
Amina G.
Bethany W.
Caitlin C.
Maira A.
Megan H.
Leah D.
Raya M.
Liam D.
Reya G.
Rohan G.
Ben M.
Sophia H.
Christopher S.
Andy R.
Marija G.
Abby D.
Elliott P.
Morgan H.
Mikey T.
Thomas T.
Sofia T.
Max G.
Gabriel P.
Aila M.
Mouli S.
Shivakumar R.
Inger D.
Ishani S.
Dominic C.
Jahnavi G.
Samir S.
Mitali S.
Dylan P.
Gloria C.
Amanda J.
Levi R.
Sophia R.
Grace G.
Cole S.
Robert M.
Paige B.
Olivia B.
Joshua B.
Mukund S.
Addison L.
Rylee B.
Kaitlyn H.
Vedant R.
Zoe L.
Cameron D.
Chad S.
Drew S.
Megan R.
Hope R.
Savannah T.
Jack Z.
Pranathi I.

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